Need a manual? Don't hesitate! 25 000 leaflets are at your disposal!

On Look4Manual you will find all the manuals you need, no need to spend hours looking for your manual! It is in our database!

We put at your disposal all the manuals we have, whatever the device concerned, we probably have what you need! Computer, telephone or washing machine we have it all!

Look4manual service for £1.49/72h then £24.90/month

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Take advantage of more than 25,000 manuals right now! Thanks to our 72-hour trial offer of £1.49, you can enjoy unlimited access to our record library. Hundreds of brands are available!

then £24.90/month
  • Download your user manuals

  • More than 25 000 user manuals

  • Keep your user manuals

  • Support 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday

  • Free and instant cancellation

At the end of the 72 hours and without a cancellation on your part, the subscription is extended without commitment of duration at the rate of £24.90/month.

The advantages of the subscription

Online library
Get unlimited access to our library of records with our offer! There is no limit to the number of records you can download or consult, you can get as many records as you need! Whatever your needs, you can return to your personal space whenever you want to get your record!
Customer service
We have set up a customer service that allows you to quickly get help in finding the instructions you need. Our customer service is available from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm by phone.

Search for instructions

Search for the manual you need among all the manuals available on Look4Manual. We have made sure to list as many manuals as possible so that you can be sure to find the manual you need. No matter what device you are looking for, you will quickly find the manual you need!

Our manuals are classified by brand and by model, which makes it quick and easy for you to find what you need. If you encounter any problem while searching for your manual, you can contact our customer service department, which will take care of the search for your manual.

A complete solution

You have a broken appliance? You don't know how to repair it but you don't want to throw it away? No problem, thanks to Look4Manual you have the possibility to quickly get the manual you need.

In addition to offering you a wide choice in our selection of manuals, we have set up a support service that allows you to get help when looking for your manual. If you cannot find the leaflet you need, you can contact the Look4Manual advisors who will find your leaflet and send it to you.

Quick to use

Personalized assistance

Search for your manual

The advantages of Look4Manual

After registering, you will have access to a personal space that will allow you to store your records or any other document for quick access.
Following your registration you will have immediate access to your personal space where you can quickly download your manual!
Immediate delivery
Despite our 25,000 records, you can't find the one you need? Our helpdesk will send it to you directly by email!
Service : £1.49/72H then £24.90 per month. The price of the monthly subscription Look4Manual, for an unlimited use of documents and manuals of all kinds.
*£1.49 only during 72 hours then tacit renewal in subscription for a duration of three years cancellable at any time invoiced 29,90£ every month. The Look4Manual service has many advantages such as unlimited access 24/7 which will allow you to solve your problems and find the manuals you need but also access to a library of manuals and documents to help you solve your problems related to your daily life.

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